Bio of  Ming-Chi Tsai, Ph.D.
Dr. Tsai founded  Wiscom Inc., which focuses on consulting business
of RF/Microwave technologies in 2003.  Dr. Tsai brings over 20 years of experience in
RF/Microwave and optical network technologies to the company.   Recent projects
include IEEE 802.11 a,b,g Wireless LAN, DECT (European), WDCT(US), VOIP
reference boards and chip sets, as well as optical test equipment high-speed board design and tests.

Previously, he was an ISO leader at Sycamore Networks who led an R&D team to
build a bi-directional long haul intelligent optical network system, one of the earliest
transport systems at Sycamore Networks.  Besides the transport optical equipment, he
was a key program and technical lead in SN16000's first grooming switch card.  He
was also responsible for the development of integration of transport and switching card,
DWDM port interface card for Sycamore.  He also helped developed optical transceivers and contributed many high-speed circuit designs for the company.

Prior to Sycamore Networks, Dr. Tsai was a Director of Engineering at Advanced
TechCom Inc./World Access Inc., which built point-to-point digital microwave radios.
Under his direction, the RFU team developed a cost effective microwave synthesizer
that was used in FSK based microwave radios for mass production.

Before joining ATI, he was a Director of Microwave Engineering at Whistler Corp.
developing commercial radar detectors. By adding Ku-band capability to the radar
detectors, Whistler was able to capture multimillion dollar contracts at oversea

Prior to Whistler, Dr. Tsai spent 10 years at Raytheon Company's Special Microwave
Devices Operation and Research Division where he was a technical lead in microwave
integrate circuits (MIC), and monolithic MIC (MMIC).  His engineering and research
activities included solid-state power amplifiers, multi-functional MIC modules, and ISM
band MMIC tranceivers for military, space, and commercial applications.

Prior to Raytheon, he joined Microwave legend Mr. Ted Saad's Sage Laboratories
working on passive microwave components such as power dividers, couplers, switches,
and rotary jointswith frequencies ranging up to 40 GHz.

Dr. Tsai received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from
University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1981.  His Ph.D. thesis focused on
electromagnetic waves and solid-state devices, with the title "Magnetostatic wave
propagation in the YIG films."  He has published 20 papers and held 2 US patents.  He
is a member of IEEE and a section principal
violinist at Symphony ProMusica, a
premium orchestra at Boston's Metro West.  He also served as 2003-2004 Chairman
Monte Jade Science and Technology Association in New England.